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While we love all the Sporty Santa`s and Mrs. Claus`s, clearly this one is our favorite! And Jocelyn`s stitching is next level, as always!

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Ann Kaye trunk show has arrived! 20% off through May 31st! Her map coasters are fantastic - and all come as ornaments too! Sold individually and each is 4" square on 18M.

Block Island
Cape Cod
Martha`s Vineyard

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How pretty are these tulips? Part of the SilverStitch trunk show this month 20% off through month end!

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If you can't make it to our store, follow our social media posts featuring in-stock, ready-to-ship canvases from the Trunk Show on Facebook or Instagram!

Message or 📞(203-637-3953) The Village Ewe with the canvases you'd like to purchase at a 20% discount! While canvases are sold separately, we can pull 🧶thread and "kit" a project! We're happy to 📪ship!

Previous Trunk Shows

2023 Trunk Show List:
January: Needle Deeva, Kristine Kingston, a. bradley & Whimsey and Grace
February: CBK
March: Melissa Shirley
April: Susan Roberts
May: Danji
June: Rachel Donley, Pip & Roo
July: Walkers Needlepoint
August: VNG
September: KCN
October: Kimberly Ann
November: Kirk & Bradley
December: Julie Mar

2022 Trunk Show List:
January: Birds of a Feather
February: Kate Dickerson
March: Paul Brent, Sara Fitz & Patty Paints
April: Melissa Shirley & Mimi in Stitches
May: Canvas Works & Susan Roberts
June: Colors of Praise
July: Princess & Me
August: Jean Smith Designs
September: Associated Talents
October: j. child designs
November: Raymond Crawford
December: Kelly Clark Needlepoint